Q: I'm avoiding caffeine in my diet.  Which teas would be a good choice for me?

A: Rooibos, herbal tisanes and herb & fruit tisanes are all caffeine-free.

Q: I want to make time for tea with my children.  What would be a good tea that we can both enjoy?

A:  Herb & Fruit Tisanes were developed specifically with children in mind.  They are naturally caffeine-free, contain vitamin C, are packed with flavor, and you get to decide how much sugar they contain.  They are delicious served hot or iced, and they make great popsicles on a hot day.

Q: I've been reading a lot about antioxidants lately, and I want to get more antioxidants into my diet.  Which teas are good for that?

A: Though most of the buzz about antioxidants has centered around green tea, all true tea contains antioxidants, whether white, green, oolong or blackRooibos however, is even higher in antioxidants than tea!

Q: I prefer iced tea.  Do you have any teas that are especially good for iced tea?

A:  My "On the Rocks" black tea is specifically blended for iced tea.  Other good options are Raspberry Green Tea, Kitchen Sink Blend Herbal, Lemon Mint Rooibos, Mint Green Tea, and any of the Herb & Fruit Tisanes.

Q:  There are so many teas that I'd like to try, this could get really expensive.  Is there a way to sample a few?

A: Yes, there is!  Single-serve loose teas contain the exact same loose teas as the bigger bags, but already portioned out for a 12 oz. coffee mug.  Best of all, they are only $1 apiece!

At only $1 apiece, single-serve loose teas are an affordable way to sample lots of different teas!